Magisk The Magic Mask for Android


Since various applications use BIN files for multiple purposes, you may be able to open some BIN files but not others. For example, some apps allow you to save and load BIN files, while others reference them when the app is running. I don’t want to compile the file or make it actually run, just want the bin file out of it. Thanks popey for explaining why just copying the .bin file didn’t work.

dtb firmware bin file

Any TRX style firmware image format should that uses squashfs-lzma as a root
file system work fine. Firmwares that use regular zlib squashfs or unsupported
file systems will work if the steps that extract the file system and rebuild the
file system are tweaked.

Im trying to extract the Filesystem if possible, or at least extract the OS to load in IDA. I was thinking it might just be one big executable OS file, but wasn’t so sure.

  • The tool typically takes minutes to analyze the binary file and provide results.
  • Android OTA packages now come with a Payload.bin file that contains the individual image files of different firmware partitions.
  • Once you have a binary file it is time to remove the out-of-band and parity data to get only the exclusively useful portion of the memory.
  • The folder contains Wireshark dissector for for analyzing
    communication in DJI drone interfaces.


If you have any questions or feel stuck anywhere while performing the instructions in this guide, then please do let us know. Since Android uses the Linux kernel and so, you can use the Payload Dumper Tool to extract the Payload.bin on your Android device itself. The process is very similar to the one that’s followed on a PC but requires a few additional steps. The strings command will look for printable characters in the file. The -5 flag makes strings search for 5 or more printable characters in a row. We use |head at the end to limit the output of the command to first 10 lines found.